Clark Kent 

The Man Behind the Cape

.My name is Yotam Laor  but hey, you can call me Superman

First and foremost, I owe great thanks to my parents – my teachers – a successful team of entrepreneurs in the global toy arena. With my mother’s milk (and father’s nurturing), I was nourished with strong work ethics, and the secrets of innovation and management. 

So it was a given that I would join the family business. To my parents’ delight, I helped breathe life to their vision. Along with the Sisyphus-like tasks involved in working with one’s parents, I always acted independently. 

I have extensive experience in acting and the media, in particular the new media. My resume reflects a wide breadth of positions. A few examples: in the army, when I was drafted into the IDF Spokesman’s Office, I led the founding and development of the IDF’s first video ‘articles’. During my service, I appeared in the movie, “Infiltration”, directed by Dover Koshashvilli. Upon my release from the army, I was the field reporter for the night program, “Coming Outside” with Adi Shilon on Tel Aviv Radio –102 FM. Additionally, I was a reporter for “City Mouse” and for “Time Out Tel Aviv”.

2012, graduate course for radio and broadcasting, The Melbourne Ethnic Community Radio, under the auspices of the BBC.

In 2013, i completed a course in writing and developing formats for television, while starting to work as an assistant producer for commercial TV. Working on many different productions i became familiar with what takes place on set and behind the scenes.

In 2016 i began to work as an assistant director for television, cinema and commercials.

Along my career i was privileged to take part in highly invested productions by NETFLIX, such as "The "Green House", “Fauda" and “Typhoon” in addition to many well known Israeli productions (“Ninja Israel”, “Eurovision Israel” and more). While working as assistant director, i also directed and released dozens of online videos that became viral with thousands of views. Among my other works i was written and directed short films for the Israeli film foundation and commercial AR videos for Israel’s largest HMO. 

Not having the means to study in film school, i gained my knowledge and experience through hard footwork, on set and behind the scenes.

I then assumed various roles that gave me rich experience and professional ability in everything connected with project management, production and content.

 Practical experience

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Academic Background