My superpowers

Power-ful Solutions
Already as a child, my affirmed dyslexia, along with the competitive standards of the Ministry of Education, forced me think to outside the box. The result: I adopted superhuman powers. (yes, also on account of accounting class).

Laser Vision
I use the power of laser vision to zap all hurdles in my path, with the clear understanding that every problem has a solution. These rays stem from emotion, and every project I choose to take on becomes “my own”. Regarding each assignment in this way, I spare no time or effort in reaching the maximum.


Speedy Response
Setting project deadlines is important, but not less important than meeting those deadlines come what may. As I am equipped to respond to unexpected events at superhuman speed, I can do immediate analyses and find answers – and all with determination and care.


Heightened Senses and Calculations

This power enables me to take in the entire picture in a broad, comprehensive manner. It allows me to manage a project or create concepts incorporating long-range views and strategies based on in-depth understanding.

Ability to Fly

With this power, I can take off and reach great heights, with creativity that extends far beyond those of mortal men. By shattering dated conventions and ways of thinking, I can deliver a deliver a bird’s eye` view straight into the matter at hand.

יכולת חישה וחשיבה מוגברת:

סופרמן מסוגל לראות למרחקים עצומים, דרך עצמים ולרמת פירוט מיקרוסקופית. הוא מסוגל לשמוע כל צליל בכל תדר ומנעד בטווח של קילומטרים.

הכוח נותן את היכולת להתבוננות על התמונה הכוללת והרחבה יותר של הפרויקט,דבר המאפשר לי לנהל פרויקט או לכתוב קונספט תוך ראייה ארוכת טווח לבניית אסטרטגיה עמוקה וחכמה יותר.